Overhead Lifts

Featuring Liko Overhead Lift; it is a system of components that together make it possible to safely lift you and transfer you. These systems are easy to use and always close at hand.

Fixed Rail:

This type of overhead lift is ideal for lifting and transferring between two fixed points.

Example: going between your bed and your wheelchair.

Traverse System:

This is often the most functional system; it consists of a movable rail mounted on two fixed rails. It allows for greater freedom to move and lift over a larger area. The traverse system automatically adjust itself to your center of gravity during lifting.

Freestanding System:

This is a great alternative to a ceiling-mounted overhead lift. This is not a permanent fixture; there are no special structural strength requirements for the walls or the ceiling with this lift.


The sling is what you sit or lay in to be transferred in an overhead lift. There is a wide variety of slings made to meet your unique needs.

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